Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday Night 8/31/05

Passed a few gas stations with long lines tonight. Looks like many people think there is going to be a gas shortage. I wonder where that started? Same place where the high gas prices are coming from I guess. I saw 2.99 a gallon on my way home. I wonder what it will be up to by tomorrow. Some places posted signs out of gas! Good thing I don't need gas for my bicycle!

9.50 Miles
14.57 Average Speed
0:39:07 Time
26.4 Max Speed

Wednesday Afternoon 8/31/05

Rode to my LBS to order a new front wheel and pickup new shoes and cleats. Shoes where worn out and so where the cleats. LBS is North Road Bicycle Company in Downtown Raleigh. Lots of lights so they keep the average speed down.

7.37 Miles
13.81 Average Speed
0:32:02 Time
25.7 max Speed

Wednesday Morning 8/31/05

Nice ride this morning.

9.53 Miles
16.25 Average Speed
0:35:15 Time
31.4 Max Speed

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday Night Ride 08/30/05

Tired from all the riding yesterday and my 3 mile run today.

8.78 Miles
15.27 Average Speed
0:34:31 Time
26.4 MNax Speed

Tuesday Morning Ride 08/30/05

Good Ride

9.44 Miles
16.97 Average Speed
0:33:26 Time
30.2 Max Speed

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Night Ride 8/29/05

No meetings at Church for me and no meetings at Church tonight for my wife. I get to do the North Road Bicycle Shop Weekly Ride today! Been hard to get out and do these Monday Night Rides with the Folks there.

33.70 Miles
14.42 Average Speed
2:20:08 Time
37.4 Max Speed (Thanks to a good down Hill Ride)

Monday Morning 8/29/05

Good ride

16.26 miles
16.29 Average Speed
0:59:55 Time
29.8 Max Speed

Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Night 8/26/05

Good ride took the short way home.

8.70 Miles
16.21 Average Speed
0:32:15 Time
25.8 Max Speed

Friday Morning Ride 8/26/05

Good ride but cool.

11.00 Miles
16.86 Average Speed
0:39:10 Time
31.4 Max Speed

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday Night Ride 8/25/05

Good ride this evening. Took another way home and enjoyed the evening.

11.51 Miles
16.81 Average Speed
0:41:07 Time
32.0 Max Speed

Thursday Morning Ride 8/25/05

Good ride but cooler again this morning only 68°F. Looks like Fall is around the corner.

11.86 Miles
17.16 Average
0:41:30 Time
32.5 Max Speed

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday Night Ride 8/24/05

Good ride took the pedestrian bridge across I440 tonight.

13.99 Miles
15.91 Average
0:52:47 Time
32.7 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning Ride 8/24/05

Good ride a little bit of drizzle towrds then end but not enough to even get me wet.

9.58 Miles
16.65 Average Speed
0:34:34 Time
29.0 Max Speed

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday Night Ride 8/23/05

Good ride a little bit cooler this evening.

9.35 Miles
16.96 Average Speed
0:33:08 Time
29.8 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning Ride 8/23/05

Right on red does not mean to just slow down and keep going. It means to stop and wait for vehicles to pass before going! Other then that it was a good ride.

9.45 Miles
17.85 Average
0:31:48 Time to ride
31.6 Max Speed

Monday Night Ride Home 8/22/05

Another uneventful ride home.

16.59 Miles
15.40 Average
1:04:43 Time To Ride
31.8 Max Speed

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday Morning 8/22/05

Good ride to work this morning. Quite an uneventful ride.

10.65 Miles
17.77 Average Speed
00:35:59 Time To Ride
34.2 Max Speed