Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Night

Well took it easy again. But I ran at lunch today so I was a little tired. I hadn't run since Jan 5 because I had injured my ankle. I was able to bike but could not run. So now the ankle is better so I can run again. I also passed 100 hours of riding today for the year. time sure does add up quickly. I am also keeping up my 500+ miles per month so far. That should go up once the bike shop rides start up again if i can find the time to actually do those rides....

11.45 Miles
15.70 Average Speed
43:48 Time
33.3 Max Speed

Friday Morning

Decided to ride easy today. I've been riding a bit on the edge this week so I felt like taking it easy today. Especially after last nights ride.

12.06 Miles
15.93 Average Speed
45:26 Time
28.1 Max Speed

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Night

This was a good day for a ride home. Even with my back hurting I rode quick. So much for that article I read in today's newspaper that said vitamins are a waste of money. I started taking vitamins on Saturday and this week is working out to be a fast week after a few slow weeks. Tonight was my fastest average e for the year....

15.62 Miles
17.17 Average Speed
54:36 Time
37.2 Max Speed

Thursday Morning

Man I slept wrong last night. My back is killing me. I could barely look over my left shoulder. I have this knot in my shoulder blade which effects my whole left arm. Thank goodness for my mirror otherwise I would have been in trouble. But other then that the ride was good.....

12.04 Miles
16.32 Average Speed
44:17 Time
30.1 Max Speed

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday Night

Good ride even though it was a bit breezy as can be seen by my Max Speed.....

14.25 Miles
16.26 Average Speed
52:28 Time
31.3 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning

Another nice ride. Good temp......

11.91 Miles
16.23 Average Speed
44:04 Time
30.6 Max Speed

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Night

Windy tonight. But was gone for a short period so that my fast downhill was just that fast!

11.01 Miles
15.60 Average Speed
42:23 Time
38.5 Max Speed :)

Tuesday Morning

Nice ride this morning. Lots of clouds but no rain. A little bit warmer then yesterday. Low 40's so I braved it and wore shorts.

12.10 Miles
16.46 Average Speed
44:08 Time
31.8 Max Speed

Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday night

Excellent ride tonight. Despite being told to get the @#%$ on the sidewalk..... I love it when people have a problem with me riding on the road. I report them to the Police Mr TRA-6128. This town follows up on my complaints about idiot drivers. Web address to report people is Cary Police They never fail to call me back.

14.78 Miles
16.60 Average Speed
53:26 Time
37.6 Max Speed

Monday Morning

Hmm still a bit chilly. Funny that it was warmer before Spring actually showed up and now it is colder then it has been for over 3 weeks now. Bummer

12.06 Miles
16.20 Average Speed
44:44 Time
32.6 Max Speed

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Night

Well the wind is out of the north and I'm going to finish off the week lazy so I'm taking the short way home....

6.13 Miles
14.69 Average Speed
25:06 Time
23.9 Max Speed

Friday Morning

My laziness for the week is showing. My total miles for the week is down.....

13.09 miles
15.78 Average Speed
49:46 Time
31.0 Max Speed

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Night

Nice ride tonight. Well No north wind so my max speed down my favorite hill was back up to normal. No trouble makers out there on the road so it was a pleasant ride. I did explore a new neighborhood and was lost for a little while trying to get out of it. Around here all we have are culdesacs and it can make going around a pain. But I found my way out and was further along then I thought I was going to be :)

12.25 Miles
15.15 Average Speed
48:31 Time
36.7 Max Speed :)

Thursday Morning

Nice ride today still cold but the air is feeling warmer. No wind today.

9.69 Miles
15.21 Average Speed
38:15 Time
32.9 Max Speed

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Night

I'm puzzled about why I'm still riding so slow. I guess the wind out of the north was stronger then I thought it was. I'm also looking for excuses for this poor performance. I can only point to my max speed tonight was slow and I'm head north on that hill so.... I know it is just a poor excuses for riding slow.... I'm reaching just let me reach thanks.....

12.10 Miles
14.43 Average Speed :(
50:21 Time
30.7 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning

Still cold but the rain is gone so it is now just cold. 37 This morning.....

11.54 Miles
15.29 Average Speed
45:19 Time
32.3 Max Speed

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday Night

Cold and still wet just don't have the energy especially after those 80 degree days a couple of weeks ago....

10.99 Miles
14.37 Average Speed :(
45:55 Time
29.1 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning

Cold and wet no desire to ride more the I needed to.

6.12 Miles
15.60 Average Speed
23:35 Time
29.3 max Speed

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Night

Rained all the way home....

11.82 Miles
13.96 Average Speed
50:51 Time
30.4 Max Speed

Monday Morning Ride

Had to take the short way due to factors beyond my control.

6.12 miles
16.45 Average Speed
22:23 Time
32.5 Max Speed

Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Night

13.90 Miles
14.61 Vaerage Speed
57:06 Time
33.6 Max Speed

Friday Morning Ride

Good ride today.

12.02 Miles
15.87 Average Speed
45:30 Time
31.9 Max Speed

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Night

Had to get home early today for my daughter's band concert so I had to take the short way home.

6.12 Miles
16.74 Average Speed
21:59 Time
25.2 Max Speed

Thursday Morning Ride

Feeling better today.

12.82 Miles
15.61 Average Speed
49:19 Time
28.3 Max Speed

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday Night

Tired had a Sinus headache all day and just did not have the energy to ride home so I went real slow.

10.97 Miles
14.21 Average Speed
46:20 Time
32.9 max Speed

Wednesday Morning

Chilly this morning only 44. Braved it and wore shorts.

12.03 Miles
15.27 Average Speed
47:18 Time
29.1 Max Speed

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday Night

Windy Tonight. Out of the North West So I had a head wind for most of the ride.

11.14 Miles
14.24 Average Speed
46:59 Time
35.3 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning

Still nice though they say it will be cooler today. It just started raining as I walked into the building this morning so they have that part right. But cooler is still good 68.

12.02 miles
15.47 Average Speed
46:39 Time
31.3 Max Speed

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Night

Great weather going home.

13.97 Miles
15.75 Average Speed
53:15 Time
35.5 Max Speed

Monday Afternoon

Rode to Lowes to pick up some thermostats for church.

7.88 Miles
16.56 Average Speed
28:36 Time
33.3 Max Speed

Monday Morning

What a perfect day for a ride 65 and sunny.

12.98 Miles
15.84 Average Speed
49:13 Time
32.5 Max Speed

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Night

Great Weather for riding.

14.69 Miles
15.95 Average Speed
55:39 Time
37.9 Max Speed

Friday Morning

Trying different ways in.

12.20 Miles
15.05 Average Speed
48:40 Time
31.3 Max Speed

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Night

14.56 Miles
15.90 Average Speed
55:00 Time
36.4 Max Speed

Thursday Morning

Floated around just randomly looking for another way in that is long enough. So I'm a little short today but that is fine. I have a slightly longer way to try yet.

8.51 Miles
15.34 Average Speed
33:19 Time
28.8 Max Speed

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday Night

Finally a uneventful ride.

11.13 Miles
15.11 Average Speed
44:16 Time
36.2 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning

Interesting ride this morning. Started off great but then twice in a very short time span I was pushed around. The first was a big old 18 wheeler. Passed with good distance but since the road is only a narrow two lane road he moved over way to quick and shove me almost into the grass. Then about 2 minutes later I can hear a person on their horn but there is a line of cars so I can't see him yet but from the sound of the horn maybe five cars back. Well this idiot comes right for me with the horn blazing. So being the person that likes life I left the road to keep it. He was most likely trying to scare me but why take the chance I let him scare me. But I couldn't get his plate to report him.

12.87 Miles
15.72 Average Speed
49:08 Time
28.8 Max Speed

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday Night

Nice weather not warm but at least not as cold. Wore shorts tonight. But needed a sweatshirt.

10.98 miles
14.81 Average Speed
44:31 Time
34.5 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning

Nice easy ride in today. Did have one crazy woman be aggressive towards me not once but twice. She was in my lane to hassle me then needed to change lanes for some reason so she just stopped in front of me so I go around her and then from the other lane she lays on her horn as she is making her left turn.

13.62 Miles
15.89 Average Speed
51:28 Time
30.0 Max Speed

Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Night

Not wet so to say. The roads were dry but the air was moist feeling and the temps were still cool. So I was lazy coming home and just rode very casually home. Didn't even go out of my way home so the miles are low.

10.98 Miles
14.23 Average Speed
46:20 Time
28.0 Max Speed

Monday Morning

Wet and Cold ride this morning.

12.77 Miles
16.01 Average Speed
47:52 Time
30.4 Max Speed

Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Night

Head winds tonight!

11.02 Miles
14.31 Average Speed
46:15 Time
33.8 Max Speed

Friday Afternoon

Had to run over to Lowes Home Improvement to check out some prices for Church. Nice day but not as nice as the past two days.

7.95 Miles
16.31 Average Speed
29:16 Time
31.4 Max Speed

Friday Morning Ride

King Richard Transportation Inc. Bus Number 18. You where way to close to me. I let the honking yesterday go but today being about 6 inches from me is too much. I called the Company Office and complained about you this morning. I intend to call the Cary Police Department and let them know you are hassling me. If you touch me in the future there will be complaints about you on record no getting off.

12.02 Miles
17.50 Average Speed
41:15 Time
29.9 Max Speed

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Night Ride

Well I didn't leave early and the weather was great. Now that it stays light out later I have a hill that I am getting up over 36 mph on now.

14.21 Miles
16.20 Average Speed
52:39 Time
36.9 Max Speed

Thursday Morning

Beautiful start to the day! 54 and sunny.

12.23 Miles
16.51 Average
44:30 Time
31.3 Max Speed

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday Night

GREAT weather. 75 almost no wind. Too bad I have commitments on Wednesday Evenings because I couldn't extend my ride tonight to enjoy. Not tomorrow either. Well if I can get off work early I'll extend it. It is supposed to be even nicer tomorrow! My max speed was higher then usual. My max speed was up. I guess that's why I had to break so hard on the really nice downhill when the car right in front of me was making a left into a park.

11.14 Miles
15.46 Average Speed
43:15 Time
37.2 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning

Nice weather today for a ride. Had something to do this morning so I went in the short way.

6.57 Miles
16.60 Average Speed
23:47 Time
30.4 Max Speed