Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not everyone hates cyclists

I had a nice couple turn around and check on me tonight. I had finally decided it was just too cold to keep going in shorts. I mean the temperature was 43 when I left work which is border line too cold for my shorts. But within a half an hour it was 35 and my knees were not happy with me for making them work in the cold. So they finally convinced me to pull over and cover them bad boys up! Just as I'm finishing the layers a car pulls up to make sure I was OK  That one kind act restores my faith in people again. Actually I never lost my faith in people even though there are so many people that just want me off the roads.

The middle of the video is sped up.

I am amazingly close to 15,000 miles on my rear tire. It is 14,800+ now. I should break 15K soon. But how much longer can this tire last! This has been a wet cold winter. The cold does not cause tire problems but rain can sure lead to flats since things stick to your tires when wet and cause punctures but so far so good this year.

Car running a red light!

Nothing was going to stop this person from making the left not me not the car that was stopping for the red light and making a right. Nothing was getting in this persons way! I mean he buzzed not only me but another car! Where are the police when you need them. This spot is good for police usually because they park down the road a bit so you always see them in this area. Too bad they were not there tonight!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

He is baaack!!!!!

That is the red light runner was there again this morning. I almost missed him but traffic held him up long enough for me to catch him run the red light again.What I find curious about it is how he does it. I'm sure in his mind it is alright to run it in the fashion he does. I say that because yesterday you could see in the video he was on the sidewalk and when he ran the light he was using the crosswalk. So I guess in his mind it is OK to run a red light if you get in where peds are supposed to be? What ever I just wish the Police would witness it and then have the guts to ticket this person. I HATE red light runners!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Must be Tuesday!

Well the first thing in this video I posted today is a cyclist! The first time we see said bicyclist he is on the wrong side of the road. Then he makes a left and we find him riding properly as I come up on him and pass him. A bit later when he finally shows up while I am waiting at a red light he is now on the sidewalk. This guy just can't make up his mind how he wants to ride. But he knows he is not waiting on the red light. So he runs it. He just makes it across and the light has turned green!

The next thing in this video a bit later towards the end of my ride. I show three cars passing me with plenty of distance which I much appreciate! But then naturally the fourth car thinks he does not need to wait on the car coming at us in the other lane. So he squeezes by me with just inches to spare!

The final person of the day was on my way home. Now the other driver was really close but this person redefines how close can we get. In looking at the video you would think he must have touched me! Less then a inch off my handlebars I mean that is just too damn close people.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Impatient Pickup Driver

Well what can I say about a driver making a left and I'm making a right at the same corner. This person just did not want me to have the right of way. I run over 2000 lumens of light you can not say you didn't see me. I'm right in front of you. You can see my shadow from the trucks lights as he comes right up to me. then passes me just to make a right just up ahead. I mean come on you why couldn't you give me 15 seconds?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Today's entertainment

Well lets start out today with the truck that did not want to wait so he just pulls out in front of me amd makes me slow down. I know I'm being a complainer but what the heck! I can so I will.

Then there is the stop stop sign runners. I will be posting these as I can find them in the videos. I really hate how drivers of cars/truck never run stop signs and never run red lights. But every single cyclist does. So I will be pulling out of my videos any cars that I feel have broken the law. We will see how many over time I find.

Starting today I have two stop sign runners. Enjoy the short video.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Will Be boring this week

Well this week I working the swing shift. So I am working 12PM to 8PM. So far today was rather boring. Maybe I'll look for cars that don't sop and run stop sins and red lights. I'll try to pay attention and catch cars breaking the law! Cars run stop signs and blow off red lights all the time.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Crazy people

Well tonight it was just a crazy person out there. Apparently they think it is normal to drive by and open a door to talk at me? I guess rolling the window down did not cross their minds? Maybe they think I'll hear it better if they open the door? Notice to crazy people I can't really hear you as you pass me. There is wind noise and car noise that keeps me from hearing you say "Hey dude you are my hero!" Like that was what was said NOT! I slowed down the part where the person has the door open. all I can say is WOW!