Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning

Well I broke another chain this morning. Considering I have only broken a total of 3 chains in 35 years this year has turned out to be a bad year for me and chains. This is my second chain this year. So 34 years 1 chain this year 2 chains. The broken chain almost caused me to crash. I was just cresting a hill and I had been standing pounding on the pedals when suddenly the bike front end went all squirrelly and after I regained control I realized that my feet just spun very easily. I must have broke it as I was sitting down but it caused me to push the handlebars one one side sending me down the road very precariously. The good thing was that I did not go down, did not bang down on the top tube, and I had my trusty tool set with me so that I could fix the chain and keep going.

Well I had 3,691 miles on this chain. It will be replaced tonight!!

Today's stats:

Miles: 9.74
Time: 36:07
Average Speed: 16.18
Average Cadence: 76
Max Speed: 29.57
Total Miles on bike: 35,794