Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Morning

9.78 Miles
34:15 Ride time
17.14 Average speed
31.09 Max Speed

Well I finally changed out my rear tire. I combined it with a lot of work that was needed. I had a really in bad shape rear wheel that needed to be replaced along with my front brakes so I did all that work this past weekend. Here is the history of that rear tire.

Total miles on tire 10,876.97 Miles
Originally placed on front wheel on 9/14/2006
Moved to Rear wheel on 11/01/2007 with 5,437 miles on it.
Rode it another 5448.74 Miles while on the rear wheel.
So I rode on that wheel since 9/15/2006 which is 2 years 1.5 months with no flats!