Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday Night

11.44 Miles
41:55 Time
16.38 Average Speed
30.26 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning

12.51 miles
44:10 Time
17.01 Average Speed
32.24 Max Speed

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday Night

Well nice and warm today. I love it!!

15.37 Miles
57:28 Time
16.05 Average Speed
31.94 max Speed

Here is a picture of a VERY dangerous bicycle rider. Not only is he on the side walk but he is going against traffic on the sidewalk. This guy was cruising I would say 25+. VERY DANGEROUS.

Tuesday Morning

12.35 Miles
46:10 Time
16.05 Average Speed
29.27 Max Speed

A nice long weekend came to and end today. Here is a picture from my ride this morning. It was pleasant and uneventful!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Night

Went to the Raleigh Criterium Road Race tonight after work. Seethe pictures at the end.

25.75 Miles
1:38:42 Time
15.66 Average Speed
31.94 Max Speed

Start Finish Banner

These pictures are from the woman's race. The men's Race was after dark. No pictures. My camera is not that good. Anyway the girl in yellow won the race. She was on the Lipton Iced Tea Team. Why do I know it was her? She was the only women from her team. Hats off to her for running the race alone and still wining! Amazing.

Friday Morning

12.92 Miles
48:47 Time
15.89 Average Speed
34.89 Max Speed

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Night

14.02 Miles
55:06 Time
15.27 Average Speed
35.84 Max Speed

These pictures reveal hassling me gets you no where. This woman driver passed within 1 foot of me and laid on the horn going by trying to scare me off the road. That does not work. As you can see about 1 mile later I am passing her as she is trying to get into a shopping center. But the Cary police have a driver complaint form on their web site and I have used it in the past they do contact me and let me know they take these incidents seriously and send letters out to the car owner telling them that they take these incidents seriously.

Maybe I should get a shirts that says "All Incidents Are Photographed" Maybe then people will stop trying to scare me.

Thursday Morning

6.47 miles
23:32 Time
16.51 Average Speed
28.99 Max Speed

The Geek Handlebar

Here are some shots of everything I have on my handlebars

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday Night

12.52 Miles
51:23 Time
14.62 Averaeg Speed
26.40 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning

12.02 Miles
48:13 Time
14.90 Average Speed
30.80 Max Speed

A duck crossing.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday Night

No pictures tonight. I used a friends camera to take a video. I might post it here in a couple of days.

11.99 Miles
45:04 Time
15.98 Average Speed
37.91 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning

12.03 Miles
45:55 Time
15.73 Average Speed
36.50 Max Speed

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Night

Why is it when I go away NO ONE DOES MY JOB. They either call me and ask me to call in for service as if someone else couldn't do that or let it sit till I come back. But when other people go on vacation I get to do their job? So I missed the weekly ride this week because I had to do someone else's job along with mine. This will happen all week and it sucks!

17.62 Miles
1:05:13 Time
16.22 Average Speed
32.95 Max Speed

Good Bye work.....

The way out....

Making a left turn.....

Perfect example of a dummy. This Einstein has two different years on his license plate no month. He could not figure out, even though the sticker comes with instruction's, that the year goes on the right side.

Need to return a book at the library....

Town Hall to the right.....

Home At Last.....

Monday Morning

14.73 Miles
53:10 Time
16.62 Average Speed
32.24 Max Speed

Leaving home....

This person miss judged my speed as seen in these next 3 photos. I had to come to a complete stop while this bozzo made a u-turn in front of me.

Here is another dangerous move while being passed. This person was all the way in the other lane on a blind curve!

Stopped at Food Lion this morning....


Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Night

5.53 Miles
19:37 Time
16.94 Average Speed
30.80 Max Speed

Some Pictures

Leaving Work...


Camera Mount

I decided to post pics of the mount I built for my digital camera. I happen to have a screw that matched the hole already in the camera for the tripod screw. So I looked around and found an old rear light mounting bracket and drilled a hole in it to match the screw and used some washers to keep the length of the screw short so that the screw would not bottom out. It was that simple. For camera safety I also use a velcro cable tie to hold the camera's wrist strap to the bike in case the mount breaks. I would hate for the camera to hit the ground if anything bad happened. Here are some pics of what the finished product looks like:

Friday Morning

13.55 Miles
52:26 Time
15.51 Average Speed
30.26 Max Speed

Gee looks just like yesterday

Let's make a deposit at the bank

See No Train!

Left Turn....

Light Traffic....

No Truck today!....

Left Turn....

Work at last...

A better view of the building....

The Beast!!!