Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Morning

Well this is definitely a faster ride to work. My averages are up across the board. Even the yearly average has been slowly climbing. But then there are 7 months of rides already in for the year. So for the yearly average to be rising I would have to be moving faster.

12.39 Miles
46:05 Time
16.13 Average Speed
35.20 Max Speed

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Morning

Well It has been one week since my job location changed. I know no entry even saying we were moving. But my company moves often. This is my 5th location with them in 9 years. We move on average every 2 years. Sometimes less sometimes more. Technically it just down the block from where we were 1.5 years ago. They have spent over 1 million dollars moving us since I was hired. It is quite amazing how much money they waste. The good thing about the move is it is rolling hills that don't seem to slow you down like the hills going to the other building.

9.99 Miles
17.17 Average Speed
34:55 Time to ride
31.94 Max Speed