Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Well I passed 37,000 miles on this bike yesterday. And today marks the Seventh year that I have riden this good old Trek 520. Let see what have I replaced in seven years?

2 Front Wheels
1 Rear Wheel
Numerous Chains ( Meaning I did not keep count )
4 Sets of Cleats
4 Pairs of Shoes
Gallons of lube.
3 Sets of Handlebar tape

I'm getting two years out of each of my tires now. Thanks to my rotation schedule of Putting the new tire on the front and puting the older front tire on the back to replace the rear. Of course now that I have these perfect tires they are discontinued so who knows what will happen with the next tire I get. Best thing was this tire was only 15.00. Now I'll need to find another tire I like.

Anyway the stats for this morning ride:

13.01 Miles
48:36 Time
16.06 Average Speed
79 Cadence
31.08 Max Speed