Saturday, October 29, 2016

Friday Oct 28th

So I went back to riding 3 days a week to week this past Wednesday. After being unable to ride for over 4 months due to my crash I had with a woman driver on her cell phone. There are about 2 miles along this road that people do the most insanely stupid things around me. And lo and behold just on my second day of riding and I get squeezed passed on the left, yes the left, simply because this idiot does not ant to wait. I mean the driver knows there is no room. This happened about 1 mile from where a car crashed into me. When you watch the video you see they slow down to pass me because they know there is no room!!! What can be said? I will visit the Morrisville Police on Monday and insist they ticket this driver. I have no more forgiveness in my heart anymore. Everyone that breaks the law needs to be ticketed.

Video of incident on youtube

Still from the video showing NC Tag DMS-3540. This is a Silver 2016 Hyundai Sonata SE

Be safe out there and ride with cameras. It is our only protection. That is how I know the driver that hit me 4 months ago was on her cell phone. It is in the video! GoPro cameras is the best damn investment I ever made for my bicycle! Yes you need both front and rear this shows what is going on behind you. That is how we know this person knew they were too close when passing. The slow down in forward movement.

I will be much more vigilant about posting about my rides once again.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Long Road

I am still recovering from my bicycle crash 2 months ago. It is just insane how much damage was done to me. I am still at a loss for words. I never would have figured it would really take this long to heal. I start PT but after not using my shoulder for almost 2 months it is basically frozen now and let's just say PT is Physical Pain as they trey to move my shoulder through and free it up. I am very discouraged with how little the damn thing moves. This will take a while. The person at PT told me on average it takes at least a year if you shoulder freezes up to break it free and get back 100% movement. I sure don't hope it takes that long. I will be extremely depressed not being able to ride my bicycle for that long....

Any way here is a still from my front GoPro. My rear gopro was covered by one of my panniers that came free but not totally free. So what happened was the bike came to rest facing the opposite direction from where I was going and I did the same but I travelled further than the bicycle. Not sure how much further I went since I was never able to get up I was hurt that bad.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Long time no posting

Well  riding has really been boring and mostly uneventful . Then Tuesday June14th 2016 came along. On my way hoe from work I had a car drive right into me from behind. I will post video after all the court dates have passed and it is all settled. But let's say I was hit from behind on a straight road with no cars but the one around me. It was a three-lane road during daylight. I have suffered a broken shoulder blade, 3 fractured ribs, a collarbone broken in two places, a bruised lung, and road rash all up and down my left side. Good thing I ride with two GoPro camera's it was all recorded quite nicely. It will leave no room for a lapse in memory on the drivers part. Since I was hit from behind I had no clue it was about to happen till I found myself on the ground in intense pain. It may well be more than a year before the video is posted anywhere. Meanwhile, do not go and tell a cyclist that has been hit it is time to give up cycling. It is how I get around it is equivalent to telling someone not to drive a car anymore simply because people get into crashes.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It has been a while since I have posted

It is simply because the riding has been uneventful and nice. Well that all came to screeching end tonight! I had someone come so close to me I am still amazed when I watch the video clip that this person did not hit me. I mean no excuse for what happened. This person could have moved to the right behind me and entered the turn lane. But no they have to literally pass an inch or so from me. I guess they figured to scare me off the road. After 40 years of riding on the roads I don't think that is going to happen buddy. It is a shame that my bike lights are so bright that it completely washes out the license plate. It is just barely visible as the rear begins to pass me but then between this idiot's brake lights and my 2500 lumens of light the plate is just a whitewash. I wish NC plates were some other color than white!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

More Deer

There were more deer on late Friday morning. I was working the late shift and going in for the noon start when I came upon a deer at about 11 am. What I initially missed in this encounter was that was mom and her fawn out. I saw the one deer and slowed down since the deer was being hesitant so I waited then the deer finally moved on. Then as I went to go again I spotted movement on the other side of the road and it was the fawn moving. I have circled both in this video then took a snapshot and enhanced it as best I could to show the fawn. It was rather hard to see from a distance. But once I was closer I was able to see it. But my video only saves video in 2Gig chucks and wouldn't you know it I was right at the 2Gig mark at this time and it takes a couple of seconds to close the file and open the next so we miss what happened as I noticed the fawn. But at least on this road it is generally very quite as far as cars go.