Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Night 09/21/2005

Worked late and road home in the dark. Darkness always reduces my average speed. But I always feel like I'm moving. But once I see the average I realize it is just a perception that I am moving fast

Well that is it for the 1 1/2 weeks. I am on vacation for a couple of days then it is back to Houston Texas. If Hurricane Rita does not damage the area too much.

9.34 Miles
16.36 Average
0:34:17 Time
28.4 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning 09/21/2005

Nice ride. Cloudy but not cool.

9.41 miles
18.53 Average
0:30:30 Time
33.2 Max Speed

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Night Ride 09/20/2005

Good ride. Did have a idiot pass me at a red light just as he was coming up on the light it turned green and the car he was just coming up on was making a right. Needless to see this not so smart kid was almost hit. No helmet no smarts. I told him so as soon as I caught him just about 20 feet later. He was gaining nothing but maybe a quick injury. He just shrugged and basically was clueless.

9.42 Miles
17.45 Average
0:32:25 Time
32.6 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning 09/20/2005

Nice ride left early so part of the ride was in the dark. Love my generator lights. Never have to worry about what shape the battery's are in.

8.53 Miles
17.81 Average
0:28:48 Time
29.7 Max Speed

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Night Ride 09/19/2005

Good ride tonight. It rained before I left work tonight but not after. So it was a dry ride!!!

9.44 Miles
17.22 Average
0:32:57 Time
35.6 Max Speed!

Monday Morning 09/19/2005

Good ride. Nice to ride again after a week of travel. But it will be short lived. I only work 3 days this week. Then I'm off Through Monday. Then I go back to Houston, Tx on 9/27.

9.90 Miles
16.91 Average
0:35:10 Time
30.4 Max Speed

Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Night 09/09/2005

Nice ride again. But I have to travel to Houston Texas on business and won't be able to ride next week. So there will be no entry's till September 19th.

8.74 Miles
17.71 Average
0:29:38 Time
30.4 Max Speed

Friday Morning 09/09/2005

Back to normal today. Nothing happened on the ride.

9.52 Miles
17.51 Average
29.3 Max Speed

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday Night 09/08/2005

Memory fades with age. Did not email myself my spreadsheet home so I won't be updating the totals part of my Blogg tonight. Will just update it in the morning commute entry.

Did have one oblivious person tonight on my ride home. I say oblivious because he must have passed with in 6 inches of me and I yelled and the guy was just driving without a clue. Most people who get close on purpose watch for your reaction in the rear view mirror this person was just looking straight ahead as if I was not there!

Hopefully this stuff has ended with this day. After weeks of boring rides with nothing happening. All this in one day. Just read the AM post below this to see what happened this morning.

9.19 Miles
17.63 Average
0:31:21 Time
30.9 Max Speed

Thursday Morning 09/08/2005

Interesting ride this morning. Started out with a lady just blaring the horn at me. My response move to the center of the lane. Once I feel threatened by a driver and I FEEL it is for my safety I move right on over so they can't squeeze me. Then she passes me and then tries to block me on a 4 lane road with no traffic! Like she is really going to block me. Just like was I really blocking her if it is two lanes each way with no other cars on the road?

Then there is the truck that just gives me about 6 inches as he passes. Real nice dude! Do you know the laws in this fine state of North Carolina.

Then another idiot in another truck, this was one of those little jap trucks. He is on a side street to my right apparently waiting to make a left and he does not see me when I am 4 feet from him. He actually tries to gun it in front of me. He didn't and I was able to swerve to my left to avoid him.

I would swear its a full moon but it is not.

Fast ride again this morning.

9.41 Miles
19.39 Average
0:29:09 Time
32.3 Max Speed

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday Night 09/07/2005

Praise GOD tonight. I was in a situation where I normally would push to make sure I made the left turn through the light since it is a pain in the neck light that does not see my bicycle, one of the few along my route that is like that. Anyway I had the impression that oh well no sense pushing hard on the pedals I might just as well wait for a car to trip it. When just as I would have been making the left this guy from the right lane turns sharply to left just missing me.

9.34 Miles
17.66 Average
0:31:45 Time
29.8 Max Speed

Wednesday Morning 09/07/2005

Good ride. A bit cooler only 65 this morning.

9.55 Miles
17.62 Average
0:32:34 Time
29.8 Max

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday Night 09/06/2005

Good ride.

9.33 Miles
15.52 Average
0:33:55 Time
30.5 Max Speed

Tuesday Morning 09/06/2005

Nice ride

9.44 Miles
17.51 Average
0:32:24 Time
30.2 Max Speed

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday 09/03/2005

Rode to the Men to Men breakfast at church this morning.

2.33 Miles
15.74 Average Speed
0:08:57 time
28.0 Max Speed

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Night Ride 09/02/05

Nice ride tonight

9.35 Miles
16.43 Average Speed
0:34:10 Time
31.4 Max Speed

Friday Morning 09/02/05

Excellent ride this morning.

9.41 Miles
19.00 Average Speed
0:29:47 Time
31.3 Max Speed

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday Night 9/01/05

Strength is finally returning after over doing it Monday and Tuesday. Good Ride this evening!

9.29 Miles
17.36 Average Speed
0:32:10 Time
29.3 Max Speed

Thursday Morning 9/01/05

Still saw people waiting in line this morning to purchase gas. One more thing that I don't have to do because I ride my bicycle. Looks like riding my bicycle is going to save me time also!!

Nice ride this morning.

9.53 Miles
17.70 Average Speed
0:32:21 Time
33.2 Max Speed