Sunday, September 08, 2013

More Deer

There were more deer on late Friday morning. I was working the late shift and going in for the noon start when I came upon a deer at about 11 am. What I initially missed in this encounter was that was mom and her fawn out. I saw the one deer and slowed down since the deer was being hesitant so I waited then the deer finally moved on. Then as I went to go again I spotted movement on the other side of the road and it was the fawn moving. I have circled both in this video then took a snapshot and enhanced it as best I could to show the fawn. It was rather hard to see from a distance. But once I was closer I was able to see it. But my video only saves video in 2Gig chucks and wouldn't you know it I was right at the 2Gig mark at this time and it takes a couple of seconds to close the file and open the next so we miss what happened as I noticed the fawn. But at least on this road it is generally very quite as far as cars go.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Cyclists and stop signs why do they feel the need to run them?

This is what drives me nuts about cyclists. They have this tendency to run stop signs. Giving us law abiding cyclists a bad name. I would say every single cyclist wants respect out on the road. They want car drivers to give them more room. But when you act like this how is that going to happen? I have to pay for these type of incidents from drivers everyday of my life. I might have scared the one you see pull to the curb and stop. I was moving along a really good clip. Fully loaded on my way home from work carrying at least 30 lbs of stuff. Not bad for an old man. Oh and you can see I came to a full stop in the beginning of this clip.