Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cars Running Stop Signs/Dislike Greenways(MUPS)

Well Lets just say cars run stop signs. I get them all the time on video doing this. Today I have selected two of them to show to the world. I do get tried of people saying "Well you cyclists don't stop at stop signs" Well here is a generalization for cars. "Well you know you car drivers don't stop at stop signs" There I said it and I have the proof in this video so get off your high horse and just live with the fact that car drivers don't stop all the time.

Now for another generalized statement. You know I hear quite often about how cyclist should ride on the sidewalk and we should ride on the greenway. Well these same people just go on a greenway and then take up the whole paved road and just don't act like they are sharing it. Much like when they drive on the road. They don't want to share the place with a cyclist. You can't have your cake and eat it too people. That is why I am going back to the road where at least the law is on my side.  I generally don't like greenways and I will present a video today of why I don't like greenways. In this video we see people that use the path to practice baseball stuff. Walk across without looking till they are in front of you and let a 3-4 year old just wander on the path? Now would a person let a 3-4 year play in say a parking lot? In the road? Then why on a paved greenway that carry's traffic too? Do people not see the danger they are causing me?  Then there is the adults the freeze up when they are looking at you and can't decide where to go so I have to do a track stand while they decide where they are going to go. Now I love to show off and do track stands. A track stand is where you come to a complete stop with out putting down a foot you just sit on the bicycle balancing it while not moving. Anyway here is that video. Enough ranting for the day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Illegal pas on the right!

Now the women driver in this clip passes me on the right! What she used was a right turn lane to turn into Office Depot. It did not even go as far as the light. I guess she wanted to save time? But the funny thing was she saved no time she had to stop for the red light? So what was accomplished by doing this??? She was in such a rush that she wanted to save nothing? Where are the Police when you need them?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wrong way sidewalk cyclist

The cyclist you see in this video not even paying attention is running a red light on the sidewalk against traffic. I was almost hit by this guy. Just insane why should I as a cyclist have to worry about other cyclists? Don't ride on the sidewalk and don't ride on the wrong side of the road! Doing both at the same time is just plain Darwin award material. Just plain stupid riding. Imagine if I was a car? Follow the laws people!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wow what and end to the week!

This crazy woman just comes up along side me. She knows I'm there but then well she is going to go right at the corner and she is the type of driver that is going to go right to the edge of the road to turn. It does not matter that a cyclist is there.  Just push my butt off the road! Then lets pretend no one is there and never look at me? You can see that I end up on the grating for the storm drain.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

What a start to the day

I had three incidents. Two of them commercial vehicles. One was just a car. Two of them never even fully pass me before they stop. The car driver in the first incident does not like to hear anything because he/she lays on the horn after I speak my mind.

The second incident in the video is a Town vehicle. This amazingly smart person passes me on the right as the lane begins to emerge on the right. I was lucky that I looked back and saw what he was doing otherwise it would have been an even worse start to the day.

The last one is a landscape truck from Yard-nique. Two of the trucks manage to pass me but the last one pushes me out of the lane and then stops because they are at a line of cars basically the other landscape trucks. Then when I confront the driver he tells me to basically get off the road and on the shoulder. Funny thing is there is no shoulder there there is a right turn only lane. Not very observant.

But the good news is I reported both commercial drivers to the company's. One being the Town of Cary. I have had incidents before so I know the person in charge's email address. And he at least seemed to be concerned about this incident. You know what they say? A picture is worth a thousand words? Video is worth  millions. The other Yard-Nique the owner called me back and was very upset with the incident involving his driver. He says he is also a cyclist and understands my frustration. He says that driver will be disciplined what ever that means. His drivers attitude was you don't belong on the road and when I told him I was videoing the ride and would show his boss the video he just laughed as if I wouldn't do that.

Now for the video

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cyclist need to respect laws

In this video you will see a cyclist pass me going the other way. I am going the long way out so that I can take a certain road. There is no way to get to said road legally if I don't go this way. This cyclist is going to circumvent the problem by jumping a large paved shoulder! This is not legal nor right. Cyclists are always complaining that cars don't respect them. Well this is just an example of way cars don't respect you! Don't take liberty's just because you are small. Now what would happen if a car did the exact same thing??? If a Police Officer saw it do you think they would get a ticket? Damn straight so the cyclist that does it should get ticketed if they do it.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Triangle Transit gets a bit too close

There was no room for this bus and I to share this lane. He should have known that but what ever the driver was thinking it was not about my safety. Of course you expect a professional to know better but commercial bus drivers are only marginally better then school bus drivers. Any way I had to hit the brakes to keep the bus from crunching me. Needless to say I have fired off a complaint to the bus company. Usually they reply back. I have offered the video to them and hopefully they will take me up on it and I said they should show it to the bus driver and ask them how they would have felt with a large object almost hitting them.