Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Three people that thought they would let me know cycling is dangerous

Well this morning I had three different drivers want to show me how unsafe cycling is! News flash people after 40 years of riding of various roads across the country you are not going to scare me off the road. The first one was much like the Town of Cary truck. Passing me in the same spot the same way. On my right as the lane begins? Really people do you really think is leagal and wise to pass me on the shoulder as a lane is appearing on the right?? So that as I head into the lane I am pulling into your path???

Then there was the person that so wanted to pass me. He moved out and then the truck coming the other way had to practically get off the road to avoid you? So your very scary driving is proving what? That you are a danger to others.

Then the tractor trailer driver that moved over too quickly.

Well enjoy the video it is below of all three.