Thursday, August 15, 2013


Interesting ride home. This one section was extremely busy with cars. I have a right turn lane having cars passing me on the right. And cars are moving over and passing on the left. So I have cars on both sides. Then I get to the end of the right turn lane and they have cement divider to prevent turns. Well one car decides I am not going to wait and drives on the other side of the cement divider going the wrong way. Right behind that one is a truck that just lays on the horn to I guess scare me off the road? That is not going to work with me not after doing this for 40+ years. Just an amazing section. Other things happened on this ride but not  really video showing worth.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Tuesday Morning

Well I saw this car run a stop sign this morning. So I figured what the heck lets post the runner. This car did not even slow down or do a rolling stop. It looked to me like they just drove right thru it. This road has no outlet the only car coming from that direction is comming from a person that lives down that road. So they can't say  I did not know there was a stop sign there. No excuses!! People will always say cyclists never stop well here is the proof that cars also don't stop. It is very simple there are a large number of people that don't feel the need to follow the laws it is not limited to cyclists but drivers of motorized vehicles have the same issue. I bet this person rides a bike and does the same dumb thing!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thursday Morning

Well I had 2 deer and a fawn come into the video on my ride into work. It is a busier street then I normally ride but when I am behind schedule I use it. I much prefer to go the longer way which uses less traveled streets. After all I am out there to enjoy the ride to work. But anyway onto the video. As I am passing the Post Office in Morrisville NC on 54 I suddenly spot a deer coming out and then the fawn. the fawn decided it was not safe I don't know if it as me that spooked it or not. We will never know but it turned once it was on the pavement and lost it's footing and went down. For a brief period I thought it had enough speed that it was going to slide right into me but it did not.

I still wonder if when it was back on its feet did it continue across the road? Also what did the other two deer do did they stop and wait? All these questions I have with no answers. I need a rear facing camera to see what is going on behind me!

The video: