Saturday, October 29, 2016

Friday Oct 28th

So I went back to riding 3 days a week to week this past Wednesday. After being unable to ride for over 4 months due to my crash I had with a woman driver on her cell phone. There are about 2 miles along this road that people do the most insanely stupid things around me. And lo and behold just on my second day of riding and I get squeezed passed on the left, yes the left, simply because this idiot does not ant to wait. I mean the driver knows there is no room. This happened about 1 mile from where a car crashed into me. When you watch the video you see they slow down to pass me because they know there is no room!!! What can be said? I will visit the Morrisville Police on Monday and insist they ticket this driver. I have no more forgiveness in my heart anymore. Everyone that breaks the law needs to be ticketed.

Video of incident on youtube

Still from the video showing NC Tag DMS-3540. This is a Silver 2016 Hyundai Sonata SE

Be safe out there and ride with cameras. It is our only protection. That is how I know the driver that hit me 4 months ago was on her cell phone. It is in the video! GoPro cameras is the best damn investment I ever made for my bicycle! Yes you need both front and rear this shows what is going on behind you. That is how we know this person knew they were too close when passing. The slow down in forward movement.

I will be much more vigilant about posting about my rides once again.

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