Sunday, June 19, 2016

Long time no posting

Well  riding has really been boring and mostly uneventful . Then Tuesday June14th 2016 came along. On my way hoe from work I had a car drive right into me from behind. I will post video after all the court dates have passed and it is all settled. But let's say I was hit from behind on a straight road with no cars but the one around me. It was a three-lane road during daylight. I have suffered a broken shoulder blade, 3 fractured ribs, a collarbone broken in two places, a bruised lung, and road rash all up and down my left side. Good thing I ride with two GoPro camera's it was all recorded quite nicely. It will leave no room for a lapse in memory on the drivers part. Since I was hit from behind I had no clue it was about to happen till I found myself on the ground in intense pain. It may well be more than a year before the video is posted anywhere. Meanwhile, do not go and tell a cyclist that has been hit it is time to give up cycling. It is how I get around it is equivalent to telling someone not to drive a car anymore simply because people get into crashes.
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