Thursday, October 24, 2013

It has been a while since I have posted

It is simply because the riding has been uneventful and nice. Well that all came to screeching end tonight! I had someone come so close to me I am still amazed when I watch the video clip that this person did not hit me. I mean no excuse for what happened. This person could have moved to the right behind me and entered the turn lane. But no they have to literally pass an inch or so from me. I guess they figured to scare me off the road. After 40 years of riding on the roads I don't think that is going to happen buddy. It is a shame that my bike lights are so bright that it completely washes out the license plate. It is just barely visible as the rear begins to pass me but then between this idiot's brake lights and my 2500 lumens of light the plate is just a whitewash. I wish NC plates were some other color than white!

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