Sunday, January 13, 2013

It once again has been a while

I have not stopped riding I just haven't been making posts here. I switched to a day job a couple of months ago and I miss all the quiet of the midnight rides. But my family likes me being on first shift so I gave up all the nice rides. In two years of riding to work on the second shift not once did any one hassle me!

I bought a toy this weekend so maybe that will entice me to make entries here again. I bought on of those very small video camera to use on my bike. Pictures are below. In the pictures you see a full handlebar! I have my 900 Lumen light, bicycle computer, and then the new tiny camera. It only cost $50 so I did good. It was on sale at Tiger Direct. Amazon is selling it for $87. So buy getting it at Tiger Direct with he Micro SD card it was still cheaper then Amazon for just the camera!

Midland XTC205VP2 HD Action Camcorder - 720p, 1280 x 720, Weather Resistant, Helmet Mount Included, MicroSD Card Slot

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